Win a trip to Japan with Cheryl Maas & Sarka Pancochova

CHeryl Maas
Mint Chicks  Japan




Also staring at the rain
Win a trip to Japan! One lucky person will join Cheryl Maas & Sarka Pancochova in Japan next February for the Mint Chicks Japan Tour

THey teamed up with @minttours @mint_chicks to bring you this once in a lifetime trip. The Mint Chicks Japan Tour is an all-inclusive & guided, 8 day powder & progression adventure in one of the snowiest places on earth.

The winner will receive:
⭐️ An 8 day @mint_chicks Japan tour
⭐️ Daily coaching & guiding
⭐️ A coaching session with @cherylmaas @sarkasnow
⭐️ A guided cat ski session
⭐️ An on-snow photography session
⭐️ Access to powder boards from @nitroaus_nz @nitrousa
⭐️ 7 nights luxury accommodation
⭐️ All lift tickets
⭐️ Daily private resort transfers
⭐️ Buffet breakfasts & dinners

To enter:
1. Follow this link
2. Follow @mint_chicks @minttours
3. Share this post on Instagram & Facebook
4. Tag your friends for extra entries.

Good luck!

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