Hannah Roberts, FISE/UCI BMX Park World Tour Winner 2018, Interview

The last years we see a young lady from the USA storming the Freestyle BMX scene, she is one of the For a few years now there is a young lady storming the Freestyle BMX scene, winning many big contests and World titles, who is she?


My name is Hannah Roberts, I’m 17 years old, born in South Bend, IN. I have lived in Buchanan, MI my entire life. It is a really small town so it’s pretty chill.


Freestyle BMX is a booming sport as we see a lot of big contests all over the world popping up. Still we haven't seen many ladies during these years, what made you decide to start with this sport.


I did a lot of team sports growing up (football, soccer, track, basketball, ECT.) and I did not like having to rely on others, so I wanted to find an individual sport.  It was around the same time that my cousin took me to the skatepark in Muncie, IN and I fell in love with it!


You saw the most BMX'ers in skateparks, but more and more parks are building higher ramps for BMX, where can we find you riding your bike?


I practiced at The Kitchen Skatepark every day for the last 8 years. I wish there were more parks that pop up, but they are slowly coming which I think is cool.



hannah roberts


When did you decide you want to go Pro?


I rode in my first pro contest in 2014 and since then I have focused more on BMX and traveled to many amazing places.


We all know that most of the women in action sports have difficulties to find sponsors to back them up, is it hard for you to get sponsors and who supports you?


Yes, it’s hard to get sponsors but USA Cycling is behind me 100% and that is amazing!


Could you explain to us how your bike is set up, what do you need to have a pro bike? Where must girls look for to have a good solid bike to start with?


Any bike can be a pro bike, it’s whatever you are comfortable with. My bike is mostly Nowear BMX parts now. Just find out what feels good to ride and get a bike that fits them to their height.



hannah roberts


Your bike is the most important asset to your gear but what is as important as well to ride BMX?


Good cardio is really important and it’s important to have fun as well.


Many young athletes still have to go to school next to their professional sport career. How did you arrange your career with school?


Luckily my school works with me and schedule so it’s really easy to ride and then get caught up when I get back.


We see you riders at huge events like FISE and the X-Games, how is it like to ride for such a huge crowd of people?


The feeling is crazy to ride at big events, it makes you feel great but there is a lot of pressure that comes too. The crowds are incredible especially in France at FISE, they bring crazy amounts of energy.



hannah roberts


You won your third overall FISE/UCI World Cup Tour in a row. With the growing level and quantity of riders is this last one more special?


The level has risen a lot this last year which is awesome. I had a rough year and I didn’t think I was taking home the win so to walk away with it for the third year in a row was incredible.


What are your signature tricks and new trick you landed this year?


I love barspins, but my best trick is a flair tuck no-hander that I landed July this year in Edmonton.


Freestyle BMX is now an Olympic sport; will you be in Olympic mode the coming years?


Yes, all the training and gym time I put in these next few months (20 months from now to the Olympics) are all to make sure I’m in best shape if I make it to the Olympics.



hannah roberts


BMX racing is a huge success at the Olympics, do you think that Freestyle BMX will follow that success?

I hope so, but I’m not sure, we are growing again so hopefully that continues.


What are your goals and dreams for the future?

My goal is to make it to the Olympics. that is the main focus right now.




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